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Welcome to 4Ways5Roads Security Association!

This security association looks after the 100 properties within a boomed enclosure in the heart of Fourways.

Promoting safety and security as primary concerns as well as ensuring a sense of community and good old fashioned neighborliness!

The security association is what has funded the electric fence on William Nicol, the automated boom , permanent guards, scanner  etc

We are continually striving to improve our security and really need the residents support to ensure we keep this a top class neighborhood.

24 Months Zero Crime !  Quite amazing given what is happening in the greater Fourways Area

The security association  also facilitates communication between the residents and the portfolio seems to range from finding lost pets , fund raising , maintenance issues , JRA representation and Liaison, CPF representation, Fibre Experts,  sourcing of contractors , garbage removal,   etc

Our next project in the pipeline,  will be to implement cameras in the area. Some funds have already been raised,( although we need more )and the points have been installed as we negotiated this as part of the project  with Vuma.

We try to raise additional funds through various  initiatives ( Barnyard Events, Movie Days etc ) which to date has proved quite successful.

In doing so we try keep the community spirit alive and want to give back to those less fortunate

The area agreed to adopt Judha Africa a  Non Profit Org based in Kya Sands as our charity of choice. Any funds we raise, we donate a portion to them. We assisted them with massive collections. When there were fire outbreaks we did a “Clear your Clutter” day where people dropped off any stuff they no longer needed. This was taken to Judah Africa.

We assisted the CPF with their blanket drive and  our area contributed a huge portion of the  total blanket collection

We’ve taken a bus load of children to watch their first movie , done Spring day garden clean ups to name a few.

We have a great sense of community in this neighborhood , the residents are really supportive and look out for each other.

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