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Why Pay your Levy?

Why pay your levy- our group


  • Secure, well managed, well maintained neighborhood – lets keep it this way
  • 24 Months Zero Crime – unheard of within the other booms in our area
  • Cheapest monthly levy in the area even though we have fewer houses
  • Neighbours who look out for each other and a community who likes gives back
  • Increase or enhance the value of your property. Well managed secure neighbourhoods have better house selling prices than others.

Why Pay your Levy? our logo

What does the levy pay for ?

  • 24Hour Guard at Boom
  • Scanner at Boom
  • Electricity for Security lights at Boom and at Penguin Closure
  • Garden Service to maintain fence on William Nicol
  • Accounting services, banking charges
  • Maintenance of lights , guard hut ( repairs, painting, plumbing ) toilet paper for guard hut and consumables etc
  • Surplace funds raised paid for , Electric Fence on William Nicol and purchase of scanner as well as automated gates and tagging system
  • Currently just breaking even with expenses

What does your 4W5R committee do ?

Ensure effective management and running of the Security Association in all aspects inclusive of  :

Facilitating communication between the residents, fund raising , maintenance issues , JRA representation and Liaison, CPF representation, sourcing of contractors, managing ad hoc projects such as the Fibre Installation by Vumatel , charity contributions , residents socials , liaison with Ward Councillor

The committee is run on a 100% volunteer basis with no salaries or perks.  Our books are audited and run professionally.

What is in the pipeline ?

  • Raising more funds for the Camera Project – utilizing the extra fibre points negotiated by the committee to install cameras around our area
  • Road / Speed Signs
  • JRA- legalization of Road Closure – Very costly and a great deal of work involved
  • Market Day combined with Residents Social to be organized

Please pay your levyBusinesses within the area, we appeal to you especially !


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