Fourways Five Roads Security Association , Supporting those less fortunate

With the outbreak of the fires within the Kya Sands informal settlements in December 2015 and the need that subsequently arose, the community of Fourways Five Roads decided to get involved and help where they could

Initially , organized by a resident, Ilana Meyer , whose house become a drop off point, food , clothes and toiletries were collected  to be dispatched to Kya Sands .

Three big  car loads were collected !

After this initial awareness was created , 4W5R decided that it would be great if more support could be provided to those less fortunate, within our area. Continue reading “Fourways Five Roads Security Association , Supporting those less fortunate”

Why Pay your Levy?


  • Secure, well managed, well maintained neighborhood – lets keep it this way
  • 24 Months Zero Crime – unheard of within the other booms in our area
  • Cheapest monthly levy in the area even though we have fewer houses
  • Neighbours who look out for each other and a community who likes gives back
  • Increase or enhance the value of your property. Well managed secure neighbourhoods have better house selling prices than others.

Continue reading “Why Pay your Levy?”