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Fourways Five Roads Security Association , Supporting those less fortunate

With the outbreak of the fires within the Kya Sands informal settlements in December 2015 and the need that subsequently arose, the community of Fourways Five Roads decided to get involved and help where they could

Initially , organized by a resident, Ilana Meyer , whose house become a drop off point, food , clothes and toiletries were collected  to be dispatched to Kya Sands .

Three big  car loads were collected !

After this initial awareness was created , 4W5R decided that it would be great if more support could be provided to those less fortunate, within our area.

At a fundraiser held in Dec, supported by our residents , R5000.00 was raised to be donated to the Kya Sands informal settlement

It was decided that this assistance would go through Judah Africa, Non Profit Organization which is based in Bloubosrand and services the Kya Sands  settlement

The work being done by this little known NPO is amazing . Their community kitchen provides in excess of 6000 meals a month.  They have filled a need in the community for primary schooling (some kids as old as 12 who have never attended school in their lives)

60 little kids belong to the football club. A thrift shop has been started and various upliftment and education initiatives are underway

Of course let’s not forget their disaster management , which assists with disasters such as shack fires – all too common in the winter months and Xenephobic attacks

It was an eye opener for us to see how right on our doorstep, so many people are living in such dire circumstances . Seeing really is believing ! Most heart wrenching is the effect it has on the children

On their 29Hectares , surrounded by the settlement a very different world exists, one where desperation and hope collide.

It is some consolation that by supporting organizations such as these,  we too  can try  make a difference.

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